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Luis and Maria Alvarez with Doug 'Sarge' Linebaugh

Disabled veteran, Luis Alvarez, and his wife Maria were in search of a new home. They wanted something affordable, but weren’t willing to sacrifice quality. When they walked into Clayton Homes of Donna, Texas, and met Sarge, they knew they had come to the right place.

"Right away, I hit it off with Luis and Maria," Doug "Sarge" Linebaugh states. "We were able to connect on a personal level, since I am also a disabled veteran."

Sarge understood first hand about the hardships that can face a disabled veteran and made helping the Alvarez family a top priority. He helped them find their dream home and what he got in return was more than he ever expected.

After Luis and Maria got settled in their new home, they noticed something was missing…an American flag. Wanting to do something special to honor Luis' seven friends that had fallen while serving in Iraq as well as his brother and close friend, who are also veterans, they decided to ask something of their new friend Sarge.

"The Alvarez family became very dear friends to me," Sarge said. "After they moved into their home, they erected a flag pole in their front yard and invited me to a dedication for Luis' fallen friends. They asked me to come in military uniform to raise the flag. It was an honor to be included in the Alvarez family’s ceremony."

At Clayton Homes of Donna, we do more than just sell people houses, we create homes for people we come to love as family and friends. Come join our Clayton family today!

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